Being a cryptocurrency trader, it is important to make use of every single opportunity to generate revenues. For this reason, one ought to learn the ways of using the most well-known techniques for crypto trading to help you stay ahead in the competition.

We will throw light on the RSI indicator in the subsequent paragraphs. This happens to be an extremely beneficial trading indicator that will enable you to trade much better, and therefore, it is essential to learn how to use it effectually.

What is RSI in cryptocurrency trading?

RSI means Relative Strength Index. This signal allows you to calculate the recent price modifications on the market. RSI will allow you to comprehend whether the present market is oversold or overbought by making use of this information. As a result, it is quite helpful in figuring out when it will be proper to purchase and when to sell.

Needless to say, although it is quite easy to assert that, it is a bit tough to implement in reality. It is imperative to obtain some experience as well as expertise so as to employ it successfully.

How does RSI function?

The working of RSI depends on a mathematical equation that makes use of the average deficit or profit during a particular period of time. The majority of the trading equipment supporting RSI indicators ought to have a zone providing you with the number valuation of the specific asset for the present RSI.

RSI in crypto

RSI example in Cryptocurrencies

In case the number is more than 70 it strongly indicates that the token or crypto-coin which you are attempting to trade has been overbought at present. This suggests that the token or coin is trading at an enhanced rate in all probabilities and also that it will be a sensible decision not to buy it.

In case there is already a token or coin in your portfolio, the time might be ripe for you to sell given that the price will be dropping soon so as to fix the issue. Inflated prices will not be sustained by the market for a long time.

In case the RSI reads that the asset is positioned at 30 or even less, it will suggest that it has been oversold. This implies that you are indicated by the market that the time is proper to purchase more of the token or coin you are looking at.

How and when to use RSI in crypto?

The RSI indicator should be used by you to determine at what time to buy or sell the cryptocurrencies. Essentially, this index asserts you regarding which assets are trading above or below what is needed. It is definitely powerful information which can prove to be extremely lucrative for you provided you know how to use it correctly.

In case you come across a token or coin which is trading under 30, it is time to accumulate for the subsequent run. This method can be easily used by you for generating a decent profit once it goes back to a more sensible value.

How to calculate RSI?

A mathematical equation is employed to calculate RSI by comparing the average profit and deficit during a particular span of time. Normally 14 periods are used as a baseline so as to figure out the true value of an asset.

The outcome of this happens to be a number scale indicating a token or coin’s value. In excess of 70 indicate overbought and an asset under 30 indicates that it is oversold which enables the investors to figure out which tokens or coins are worthy of trading.

Luckily, it is not really imperative to understand exactly how this actually works. An RSI indicator will be used by the majority of the reputed trading platforms, and the number scale can be used to make the best use of RSI estimates for your trade.

It will aid in confirming your doubts that you are making a fantastic buy or maybe you should be provided with another opportunity to revise your plan.

Pros and cons of RSI

It is probable that the real market conditions will not be according to what the RSI conveys you, and on some occasions, it can be rather risky. RSI has the ability to just inform you what’s taking place depending on what has happened in the past.

An asset might appear to be overbought and then go on increasing in price because of this. Nonetheless, there is no doubt about the fact that the RSI offers an excellent look while cryptocurrency is being traded under normal conditions.


Cryptolume offers in-built an RSI scanner for crypto that lets you find where RSI is oversold and overbought quickly. Not only this but we offer crypto alerts on this to your mobile or desktop advice for ease of use.

Disclaimer: This article is not trading advice, Cryptolume is not a financial advisor. Any trades you make based upon this information will be at your own risk and Cryptolume will not take responsibility for any negligent trades.

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