We’ve just released a new version of our website as Cryptolume version 1.0 was launched approximately 5 months ago now. We’ve had great feedback since our BETA days back in December when the season was extremely bullish. See what our users have had to say about Cryptolume over the past few months on our customer testimonials page here: Customer Testimonials.

The main thing that has changed on the new website is the front facing page, as well as the members area. One thing we’ve also done is add a lot more documentation into our knowledge base to assist users in using the tool.

Changes made on the website:

  • New members area and website, click “Members Area” on the top right to login. Your old password will work fine!
  • We now have an extensive Knowledge Base for registered users which can be located here: Knowledge Base
  • Users can now handle their own subscriptions within the members area.
  • The on-boarding process has improved significantly, offering a great process into learning how to use the platform if you haven’t before!
  • Logged in users can now comment on blog posts, such as this one which is connected to their normal Cryptolume account. Don’t be shy to share any feedback!
  • We will soon start posting exclusive content only to subscribers of Cryptolume about market sentiment and also updates to our tool inside the “Members Area” and blog.

Things old members need to be aware of (If you signed up prior to August 2018):

  • If you want to cancel your subscription, to go for the new yearly one you will need to cancel your subscription with us via PayPal or contact us so we can do it for you.
  • You can tell if you are an old member if there is text in your “Members Area” on the top right that says “Legacy User”.
  • Once you’ve cancelled you can sign up for a new subscription via the “Subscriptions” page in your “Members Area”, “Subscription” page.
  • If you have any issues, feel free to contact us we’ll sort it all out for you!

What are some new things coming to the platform?

We’ve recently just added the Table of Developer Activity which is a great toolset to add to our already existing arsenal of fundamental analysis metrics. What’s been planned moving forward is a page dedicated to Bitmex margin trading. This is currently actively in development and it will allow for the viewing of historical open interest information, pricing information, and also the standard update increments that we have on our exchange explorer for faster updates on price action.

What does Cryptolume think about the state of the current cryptocurrency trading/investment industry?

It’s no doubt that we’re in bearish times at the moment and there are a few key reasons for that, they are as follows:

  • 2017 was an over-hyped with the amount of ICO’s that were being created. This was the prime reason Ethereum reached such a huge market captilization, as all these ICO’s were being created through the Ethereum network. Recent price drops of Ethereum are a sign that ICO’s are starting to falter and with bans happening across many regions, with strict ICO regulations taking place it’s a lot different to before. This is just one example.
  • Margin trading platforms have become increasingly popular and readily available to all investors, technical analysis is basically coming back into play. If you were in cryptocurrencies prior to November 2018 you would have known that technical analysis played a major part in profiting, much like it does right now as of writing this post.
  • With the rise of ICO’s and the hype increasing over skeptical industry, we saw many mummy/daddy investors come into the picture and this caused a major price fluctuation of Bitcoin in 2017 to $20,000+ .
  • For these elements to come into play again, something needs to drastically change. We’re now back into the period of slowly working towards crypto adoption, and where we need to slowly and together work on those targets. By working together we can build a hub or community where every person that doesn’t want to get burned by cryptocurrency can come to play. This is what we’re planning for Cryptolume. To build as many tools and reach as many people as possible to provide insightful information so that people are informed before making their own financial decisions.

What needs to be understood about the above statement is that people need to stop blindly investing in any and all projects and expect monumental returns, like everyone was trying to do in December and January. More than half those people are now burned.

Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis and keeping a clear head are all required parts to become a profitable cryptocurrency investor and trader. Cryptolume can take your trades to the next level by offering you quick and valuable information of the entire market in a birds-eye view platform that has been actively developing even through the bearish times.

Is there anything I can do to become a part of Cryptolume?

We’re interested in seeing if there are people that would like to write about cryptocurrency topics on our blog regularly. You would receive your own profile, and account with access to the platform and a form of payment. If this is something that you would be interested in please contact us.

You can also sign up to our affiliate program once it’s ready which you can use to promote Cryptolume and make a profit on new visitor registrations!

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