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Our demonstration video will showcase our fast and efficient cryptocurrency trading tool that’s been used by hundreds since 2017.

Cryptolume was designed to save you hours that you would’ve otherwise spent on charts and reading forums or news posts to understand which coins are moving in terms of fundamental and technical analysis.

Scroll down further to see details on specific features.

Crypto Screener / Scanner (Exchanges)

Get a birds-eye view of an entire exchange, the pairs they support and also major timeframes all on one page. Definitely a ruthless tool that is used by hundreds in Cryptolume to find fast updates on where price/volume is going.

Most exchanges will only provide you with 24 hours and 7-day data. With Cryptolume you’re able to see timeframes as low as 5 minutes so that you can get information on volume and price faster than ever before.

Trading Indicator Alerts

Get our algorithmic alerts which have been designed to catch volume/price increases via our crypto screener. You can also get alerts on Trading Indicators such as MACD Crossovers, RSI Oversold, and much more.

We produce over 1,000 alerts every 5 minutes for over 8 exchanges. The power is unmatched by any competitor.

With our “Advanced” plan you’re able to get alerts sent directly to your Mobile or Desktop device so you’ll be alerted on moving indicators, as they happen.

Exchange Volume Analyzer

With Cryptolume you can select as many cryptocurrencies as you want and analyze the volume for them over time visually.

If you have ever tried to find historical volume information, you’ve probably realized it’s hard to do especially with websites like CoinMarketCap where you need to look at volume on table data.

Table of Movement

The Table of Movement is a consolidated view of top-performing cryptocurrencies. Basically, this is the same data as you would see on CoinMarketCap however we provide you with faster data such as 5 minutes as well as consolidated RSI data.

With the Table of Movement you can also see the top 400 coins and sort them accordingly without having to jump to a second page, this really lets you see which coins are up and coming into the top 100 list before everyone else does.

Crypto Sentiment Analysis

With our Sentiment Analysis tool, you can see where the hype is currently for the coin of your choosing.

This is a great addition for those that are looking to automate some of their fundamental analysis to go with their trading.

One of the most popular features that our members have come to love.

Project Development Analysis

Our Table of Developer Activity tool will show you how active a project is on GitHub, and just how many changes they’ve been doing.

This is another useful tool for your fundamental analysis as it will tell you if a project is dead in terms of development or if they’re actively working on it.

Summary Dashboard

Our Summary Dashboard will show you quick and efficient information on your coin of choice.

It also contains details on RSI on multiple timeframes, sentiments around the coin as well as recently changed volume and price performance.

A great tool to get a quick glimpse of your coin on the market.

Crypto Event Calendar

Our Table of Developer Activity tool will show you how active a project is on GitHub, and just how many changes they’ve been doing.

The Crypto Event Calendar will track cryptocurrencies that have upcoming events such as a halving, or a conference.

Further to this, we will also display a 24-hour price change to determine if the event is bringing some price action.

Another great tool to add to your fundamental analysis arsenal.

Full List Of Cryptolume Features

Below is a comprehensive list of our features and how they can help you start making a mark in the crypto space. Tools such as this help in both bearish, and bullish times. Whatever your goals, we have the data available.

Volume/Graph Analysis

Visualize volume instead of looking at months of history on price aggregator websites. Find massive volume divergences and be alerted when volume/price starts increasing on all of our supported cryptocurrencies.

RSI/MACD Graphs & Alerts

Receive alerts whenever RSI is oversold/overbought or a MACD crossover takes place. These are scanned in real time and updated every 5 minutes. Be alerted for calculated price/volume changes on websites and on price aggregator websites such as CoinMarketCap.

View All Timeframes With Our Crypto Scanner

With our “Exchange Explorer” you can see all timeframes on one page for volume, price and RSI value. This is presented in an easy-to-use table format that can be sorted with whichever metric. This is one of our most popular tools used by hundreds of traders and investors alike.

Buyers / Seller Percentages

We provide you live order book statistics for all of our connected exchanges that shows how many buyers and sellers there are in a cryptocurrency asset. This saves a ton of time when reading order books for profitable alt coins.

Events Calendar

With our Events Calendar you can see what events are upcoming in the near future for the given cryptocurrencies. We also present this with the 24H price information so that users can see if it brings price action.

Coin Additions

We send alerts to both our Web Platform and Desktop/Mobile when a new cryptocurrency enters a given exchange. We produce these alerts faster than anyone else and connect to more than our 6 exchanges to provide this information.

Social Sentiments

We track the negative, neutral and positive social feedback of the top cryptocurrencies and present this to you in chart format.

Cryptocurrency Summaries

We provide basic summaries of Cryptocurrencies as well such as market cap history, volume history, price history, daily highs, lows and more.

Arbitrage Scanning

We provide Arbitrage Opportunity scanning across all of our supported exchanges. We do this for all of the exchanges that we support.

Project Development Tracker

We track just how busy developers are in the popular crypto projects via GitHub by checking how much changes they’ve made to their codebase in past days.

Cryptolume Platform

This isn't for everyone

Disclaimer: Whilst our platform helps you run technical and fundamental analysis very easily, you always still need to do your own research before making an investment.  Cryptolume is to be used only as a research tool and your trades should not be based on the information we provide. We connect out to many different API’s such as exchanges, that could have outages at any time which is out of our control.

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