As of 2018-09-04 We’ve switched off API support for Cryptopia as there is currently too little volume, and too much volatility on the exchange. Should it return, we will inform users.

Cryptopia is a great exchange for one simple fact; it adds a lot of cryptocurrencies and it adds them fast. By using Cryptopia you can quickly trade on alternative cryptocurrencies that have recently come out from an ICO, similar to Kucoin, IDex, it is a great exchange to be a part of to quickly be able to trade on these coins.

Cryptolume has exclusive tools for Cryptopia that allow you to find information about coins being added to the exchange faster, as well as trading tools to allow you to get in the good trades before the market.

Cryptopia Trading Tool with Cryptolume

What can Cryptolume do with Cryptopia?

Basically, we’re connected to the Cryptopia API and are feeding data to our algorithmic trading system on a daily basis.

This allows us to produce information useful for traders for indicators such as volume/price increases, RSI oversold/overbought, MACD crossovers as well as giving alerts to new coins being added to the exchange.

These alerts can all be sent to your Mobile/Desktop device so you’re aware of when these changes happen on the exchange instantly.

Cryptopia Exchange Based Alerts

Cryptopia Trading Tool

With the exchanged based alerts, you can be alerted for volume/price spikes on Cryptopia as well as which coins are currently oversold/overbought and are moving indicators such as MACD crossovers

All these alerts can be setup to be sent to your Mobile/Desktop device via our Slack integration and are also available via our easy-to-use UI such as above.

Cryptopia Exchange Summary/Explorer

Cryptopia Exchange Summary

With the exchange summary, you can easily sort by metrics such as volume/price and even RSI. This page will also contain information about the latest coins added to Cryptopia which as mentioned previously can be added to your Mobile/Desktop for push notifications.

Buyer/Seller on the side is live orderbook statistics for Cryptopia and tells you how many people are currently buying/selling the given cryptocurrency.


We support every coin on Cryptopia and the tool really allows you to dig in and find out what’s happening at a glance without having to dig for it yourself.

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