KuCoin is one of the rising stars of the Cryptocurrency exchanges, it’s ability to support NEO and GAS tokens makes it the preferred go to place for the like. The volume trading on KuCoin makes it a great place to take your NEO ICO tokens in order to best leverage your trading. But if you’re new to KuCoin, or if you want to know when your coin hits KuCoin from an ICO or even when it starts trading excessively, how will you know?

This is where Cryptolume comes in, Cryptolume is a cryptocurrency analysis tool that connects to the major cryptocurrency exchange websites and pulls data on a regular basis to compute mathematical calculations that allow indicators to be processed in near real-time such as MACD, RSI, Volume, Price and soon there will be even more indicators and the possibility of scanning for trading patterns on the horizon.

How can Cryptolume help me?

If you’re using KuCoin, Cryptolume has many ways that it can help you. One of the major uses of KuCoin for a lot of users is it’s ability to support NEO/GAS tokens and when you’ve just done a NEO ICO a lot of the time you will want to know the moment your coin hits the exchange.

With Cryptolume, one of our basic features is the ability to let you know the moment a coin enters an exchange such as KuCoin, this can be sent as a push notification to your Mobile/Desktop device and it’ll allow you trade on it as soon as possible.

KuCoin Cryptocurrency Indicator Alerts

KuCoin Exchange Alerts

With the above, you can receive alerts on RSI oversold/overbought, MACD crossovers, increase in volume/price spikes (To catch running coins). We’ll be adding even more alerting in the near future for some of the most popular trading indicators and patterns to set you ahead of the game.

KuCoin Table of Movement

KuCoin Table of Movement

With the Table of Movement you can get a quick glance of volume/price moving on KuCoin as well as it’s current RSI value. You can sort ascending/descending and gives you a great birds eye view of what’s happening with the exchange.

You can also see live orderbook statistics here to see currently where the most buyers and sellers percentage is on the exchange. The fact that all these features are available from the one page, really asisst our users in trading a lot faster.


There will be a lot more features coming, including the addition of more indicators. We’ve been running for 4 months now and have great feedback from our users which you can find by searching for our name on Twitter. We are always adding new suggestions that our customers are requesting and we’re in it for the long run to assist users in making trading faster and smarter. By using Cryptolume you can save hours per day over a cup of coffee with our analysis tools.

Click here to find out more about Cryptolume and become a part of us today.

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