As the current video on “How to use the Graph App” on our YouTube page is quite old we’ve decided to make a new video on it, specific to Cryptolume’s latest update from February (Cryptolume 1.0).

Since the old video, we’ve done many updates such as:

  • Exchange based alerts
  • Exchange based data
  • Added support for 7 Exchanges API data and Coinmarketcap Data
  • Constant UI facelifts
  • MACD alerting & analysis
  • Arbitrage tracking
  • Event Calendars, Coin Addition alerts and much more.

So we feel that a new video was in order as the last one was made in December.

The video will help people who have never used the Graph App before or even for people that have been using it and want to find out about how to do certain things such as hotkeys and button clicks within the graph app that can help with quicker analysis.

Without further rambling, the video is available below:


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