Coinbase Pro (Also known as GDAX) is one of the oldest English exchanges available to trade cryptocurrencies that’s available today. The professionalism of the company, together with their support team has no doubt kept them as the top choice for most traders even until today. Coinbase is one of the biggest exchanges available to trade cryptocurrencies at the moment. So it’s no doubt that we eventually got around to building a scanner for Coinbase as well.

GDAX / Coinbase Pro Scanner

Below is an example view of our Coinbase scanner that’s available at present:

coinbase pro scanner

So what does the above exactly do for you?

As you know, most exchanges or even CoinMarketCap will show you price and volume data over 24 hours or 7 days. With Cryptolume’s algorithm, you’re able to see changes occurring on this exchange from as low as a 5 minute timeframe.

This allows you to quickly find fluctuating volume and price changes.

Through our Scanner, we connect to the Coinbase Pro API and compute our own metrics for your digestion. We also have data available for RSI as well as the current snapshot of the order book buyer and seller status.

Everything is sortable by clicking the title of our tables for you to quickly see a glance of every single coin on Coinbase Pro and scan quickly for trading opportunities. This helps you find moving cryptocurrencies faster than ever before.

GDAX / Coinbase Pro Alerts Scanner Dashboard

Below is an example of our alerts which are available via the platform UI. Those that are under our Advanced subscription can receive these alerts directly to their mobile or desktop device:

coinbase pro alerts

So what does the above exactly do for you?

Instead of spending hours finding the right coins and charting for popular trading indicators, you can use our alerts dashboard to find the status of cryptocurrencies on Coinbase Pro

You are able to find opportunities such as MACD Crossovers, RSI Oversold or Overbought, Volume/Price fluctuations and more.

We also provide alerts for new coins being added to an exchange, so you can be informed the moment a new cryptocurrency trading pair gets added to Coinbase Pro as a coin addition alert.

GDAX / Coinbase Pro Volume Analyzer

This is a very popular tool from Cryptolume, where you can select up to as many cryptocurrencies as you want from Coinbase Pro and visualize where volume is moving against other cryptocurrencies. Mostly this data is available in table format, or other harder to read data. Cryptolume does the complete visualization of volume for you so you can quickly track where it is moving as per below:

coinbase pro volume analyzer

So what does the above exactly do for you?

It allows you to track volume easily and visually, as you can imagine if you selected every single crypto on the selector above, you could easily see which ones on the exchange have the most volume pumping at present and if it’s trending up or down.


By using Cryptolume, you can save hours charting and visualize everything that wouldn’t have been possible before. We also support every cryptocurrency on our Coinbase scanner as well as all pairs so you don’t need to worry about your coin of choice not being available as we support them all.

Cryptolume has been around since October 2017 and we’re one of the only tools that have stuck around through the harshness of the market and continued to improve our toolset. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to sign up as we have 30% off on yearly memberships and provide a 48-hour Money-Back Guarantee. If you aren’t happy with the tool, we’ll give you a full refund.

Click here to view Cryptolume’s full set of features as it doesn’t only stop here.

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