FTX has grown to become one of the largest exchanges in the cryptocurrency space, being only behind the mammoth Binance and Coinbase at the time of writing this. It is no doubt that it has one of the best liquidity in the cryptocurrency space as well as having a growing user base due to its amazing technology and infrastructure.

Therefore it is by no surprise that many users have requested its addition to Cryptolume and as of today we’re proud to announce that we’ve officially launched our popular scanner tool for the FTX exchange.

FTX scanner

FTX Scanner / Screener:

Cryptolume has made available its FTX scanner to all existing members and future members. With our scanner you can quickly see changes on low timeframes such as 5-minutes, 15-minutes, 30-minutes and the 4-hour and 24-hour charts.

As you know, with most exchanges you will get the 24H volume and price changes, and you won’t be able to find those small changes that occur in lower timeframes such as 5-minutes. With Cryptolume, you are able to and it is very powerful to see every coin at a quick glance such as displayed above for all the timeframes at once.

Not only this but it also provides you with the order book statistics as well as the RSI value for the different timeframes which can quickly scale you out to get the information you need, a lot faster.

FTX Alerts for Price, Volume, RSI and MACD Indicators:

ftx alerts

We also provide you with alerts in real-time for the different timeframes so you may see where there is RSI that is oversold, or MACD crossovers happening as well as volume/price fluctuations.

With our Advanced plan you can also get these alerts customized and sent directly to your Mobile and/or Desktop device.

How to get Started?

If you are interested in finding out more about Cryptolume and how to join, check out our subscription plans.

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