Cryptolume has improved an already existing feature that is part of our arsenal which is the exchange explorer (Exchange summary to those that use the application). This feature allows you to get a birdseye view of the entire market from our supported exchanges to find profitable altcoin signals much faster.

What exactly does it do?

With the Exchange Explorer you’re able to:

– Get price/volume information for given cryptocurrencies in a summarised page
– View all of our supported candle timeframes from one screen (stop changing candle timeframes constantly!)
– Find live buyers/sellers as seen from the orderbooks
– Find out RSI Value from all timeframes

Below is a screenshot of it in action:

Exchange Explorer

What exchanges are supported?

We’ve build the Exchange Explorer for the following exchanges:

– Binance
– Bittrex
– Bitfinex
– Kucoin
– Cryptopia
– Poloniex
– Huobi
– HitBTC

We’ve also build the Exchange Explorer for the CoinMarketCap API and have build RSI data specific to the total market capitilization (First of it’s kind!). Check it out below:

Table of Movement

We call it the “Table of Movement” and it’s one of our first features. A great way to get more data out of the CoinMarketCap website as we provide the details for different timeframes as well.

How can the Exchange Explorer help me?

The best way that the Exchange Explorer can help you is by finding relevant information a lot faster. It allows day traders to quickly analyse and interpret market data and use it to assist for educational purposes only.

By seeing all timeframes, RSI values, price in one window, it provides a better view of what’s happening on an exchange as they typically tend to only let you know the 24 hour stats on their table.

To find out more about the Exchange Explorer and all of Cryptolume’s other cryptocurrency tool features, please check out our website at

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