One thing that a lot of us skip over, especially those of us who only heavily rely on TA (Technical Analysis) is that fundamentals can be even more important. If you don’t understand how often a cryptocurrency team is updating their code, how often they’re actually going out and doing things such as building partnerships then you could be setting yourself up for failure. Cryptolume has a variety of tools that can help with this and that can save you a lot of time. Check it out below.

Cryptocurrency Table of Events:

The Table of Events is a useful feature that lets you know upcoming events for popular cryptocurrencies. It sorts these by order of data and you can see if it has been bringing in any relevant price action in the last 24 hours, that you could connect back to the news that were posted.

Cryptocurrency Table of Events

Definitely one that you want in your arsenal, given we’re all together in an industry that is mainly driven by news.

Cryptocurrency GitHub Developer Activity

Our Table of Developer Activity is a useful tool that tells you how many commits against popular cryptocurrency projects have been made recently. It’s imperative that cryptocurrency projects continue development of their product and by using our tool to track this before entering a trade, you can quickly find out if their community has been active, or dull.

cryptocurrency github developer activity

The above information is provided for the the popular cryptocurrencies, we’re tracking over 400 projects and if you need us to add any in there just let us know we’ll sort it out for you. 🙂

Cryptocurrency Sentiment Analysis

Cryptolume also provides sentiment analysis for twitter against the top cryptocurrencies. This is a great way to find out if there has been negative, positive or neutral feedback for a given cryptocurrency project in recent times. If there’s a project with 0 GitHub commits in the last 30 days and are hanging in a negative social sentiment area then maybe it’s best you avoid them? There are so many bogus projects out there and hopefully Cryptolume can help you make the right decisions through this our features that give you a detailed analysis.

Below is a basic breakdown when you choose only one cryptocurrency to view sentiments for on our Cryptocurrency Summary page:

Notice: Below is increased in size, to be full screen. This can be done with any of our graphs if you click the title and go “View”, great for Kiosk modes!

cryptocurrency sentiment analysis

You can choose to dive deeper, and compare sentiments of cryptocurrencies against each other, such as the below:

cryptocurrency sentiment analysis advanced


In summary, fundamentals can be boring to some people (I personally love it), however Cryptolume can help you automate these and get the information in no time at all. There’s too much going on in the cryptocurrency space, let us handle the hard work for you. If you have any ideas to improve our fundamental analysis pages, let us know. We pay bounties on great suggestions!

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