In the world of banking and investment, term deposits and interest accounts have been around for a very long time. They are a great asset for people that have money that they’re willing to let grow in size through a per-annum percentage.

For example, you might want to save $100,000 of a fiat currency and hold it in a bank’s interest account and you may make 2.5% on top of it if you hold it there for a year. Whilst $2,500 may not seem like much, the more you add, the more you earn.

It is by no surprise that we’ve come into a stage of the cryptocurrency ecosystem where we have crypto accounts that have interest rates that grow consistently. Some crypto holding accounts offer up to 7-8% in interest per year and this is for both stablecoins and cryptocurrency holdings. 

We’re going to get into some of the best crypto savings accounts to earn interest below, these are the most popular platforms that people are using at the moment.

What should we look out for in a crypto savings account to earn interest?

Of course, many things can be too good to be true. In building this list we’ve looked out for the following measurements before presenting this information:

  • Fees (Annual, monthly, transactional, etc)


  • Withdrawal terms: This is important because you want to know how long your crypto is locked or held before you can withdraw it again, make sure you always read the fine print and know what you’re signing up for.


  • Safety & Security: You want to make sure that the platform you’re using has basic security in place such as 2FA and identity checking as well as some enhanced security around withdrawing, browser recognition, and so on.


  • Best rates: Of course, after considering the reputation of the company, understanding their terms, and ensuring they’re secure then you want to look out for which one has the best offer at hand that you can utilize for yourself.


Disclaimer: Always do your own research. By the time you read this article, it may be dated, and whilst we endeavor in our best efforts to keep content up to date it is always a recommendation with anything in the cryptocurrency world that you do your own research. Google the companies and look at recent reviews and how their current reputation is going. Cryptolume will take no responsibility for negligent investment strategies, this article is here for educational purposes to bring awareness about which companies do crypto interest saving accounts.

Best Crypto Savings accounts to earn interest

1. – best for high returns has been coming up in our list on a lot of articles, from one of the best platforms for NFT’s, to having an incredible mobile app, wallet, and entire ecosystem. Therefore its not a surprise that they’ve made this list as one of the best platforms to earn interest on your crypto. There are rewards as high as 14.5% for cryptocurrencies and up to 10% on stablecoins. There is also great start-up bonuses.

Visit website.

2. Hodlnaut – best for stablecoin returns

Another popular platform for high returns, you can get up to 13% on stablecoins. There is also optional insurance you can pick up in case of a hack so there is a certain sense of security that you can get from this platform as well.

Visit website.

3. BlockFi – best for security and reputation

If you aren’t bedazzled by high returns and just want a platform that provides reputation and security then BlockFi is the best player on the market for that at the moment. BlockFi offers from 1% to 7% interest annually. BlockFi has cold storage with Gemini and also manages over $10 billion in assets as many investors use BlockFi to secure their funds. 

Visit website.

How can you set up a crypto savings account to earn interest?

It’s quite easy to set up a savings account after you’ve done your research and looked into which platform is secure and has the rates that you’re willing to go with.

  • Find a provider


  • Open an account


  • Deposit the crypto coins or stablecoins onto the platform and go through the agreement detail


  • Wait for the agreed term to complete or if you can access it whenever continue keeping an eye on your earnings as well as the industry and the company that your savings holdings are with.


Remember, the crypto world is everchanging and there are always companies going bust or new ones coming into play. Make it an effort to check your holdings as well as your provider every few months to ensure you’re getting the best yield out of your investments.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, there are many platforms available where you can hold your crypto or stablecoins in order to gain interest and ultimately grow your wallet size.

Always do your research before leaving all your hands with a company. Do your research and stay safe.

Cryptolume offers a platform for crypto investors and traders as well where you can get faster data from exchanges via our crypto scanner. At the moment we’re having a discounted offer on our yearly plans, do check us out if you have time.

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