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How to use the Cryptolume Graph App (1.0)

As the current video on “How to use the Graph App” on our YouTube page is quite old we’ve decided to make a new video on it, specific to Cryptolume’s latest update from February (Cryptolume 1.0).

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Cryptocurrency RSI Technical Analysis with Cryptolume

RSI (Relative Strength Index) is an indicator used in trading stocks, assets, cryptocurrencies, etc to tell when an asset is either overbought or oversold.

Let’s take a look at the fundamentals.

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UI Enhancements: Past & Present

Here are Cryptolume we want to ensure that the user experience when using our application is very easy, and one of the main items on our roadmap is the UI facelift which is actually an ongoing effort from us to ensure that the UI is as easy to use as possible.

If you compare Cryptolume to what it was a few months ago to now, you can comfortably say that we’re the leaders in providing cryptocurrency alerts on moving price action in the market and this is mainly because of our awesome development team, the feedback from our users and the want for having something available that is truly helping people with their trades.

Just so everyone knows what’s possible with the Cryptolume user interface, we’ve created this post to show you exactly what’s possible, new and old.

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Cryptocurrency Exchange Based Alerts

Up until now, Cryptolume has been making use of the global market cap to provide alerts to users on the platform. This was the most simple and “guaranteed” method to provide alerts up until now. Over the past month Cryptolume has been connecting to exchange API’s and collecting data off them directly. This is the next step in providing the best cryptocurrency alerts on the market.

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Why Cryptolume? Cryptocurrency Analysis Tool

This will be the first blog post, and when deciding why to make a blog for Cryptolume and what purpose it will serve I decided to start off with this simple introductory blog post, “Why Cryptolume?”

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