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Cryptocurrency Sentiment Analysis: Find Moving Markets

A feature that Cryptolume has had for a while now is the Sentiment Analysis page where we track Positive, Negative and Neutral feedback coming via Twitter and chart this so that traders can use this in their daily cryptocurrency analysis

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OKex/Huobi: Cryptocurrency Alerts & Trading Tool

OKex and Huobi are too major players in the Asian region for cryptocurrency exchanges. Both produce stellar volume, making it a great place to trade cryptocurrencies in high frequency.

With hundreds of pairs, it sometimes makes it hard to track everything that’s going on in the exchange, that’s where Cryptolume with it’s cryptocurrency alerts and trading tool comes in.

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KuCoin Trading Tool: Stay Ahead of the Market

KuCoin is one of the rising stars of the Cryptocurrency exchanges, it’s ability to support NEO and GAS tokens makes it the preferred go to place for the like. The volume trading on KuCoin makes it a great place to take your NEO ICO tokens in order to best leverage your trading. But if you’re new to KuCoin, or if you want to know when your coin hits KuCoin from an ICO or even when it starts trading excessively, how will you know?

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Poloniex Trading Tool: Alerts for Trading Indicators

Once dubbed the most popular exchange in the Cryptocurrency space, Poloniex still has trading volume that goes through everyday. By using Cryptolume you can take advantage of Poloniex by using our diverse set of tools to find moving markets.

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Bitfinex Trading Tool: Track Buyers, Alert on RSI, MACD & More

Bitfinex is a cryptocurrency trading platform, owned and operated by iFinex Inc. Since 2014, Bitfinex has been the largest Bitcoin exchange platform, with over 10% of the exchanges’ trading.

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Cryptopia Trading Tool: Cryptocurrency Alerts

Cryptopia is a great exchange for one simple fact; it adds a lot of cryptocurrencies and it adds them fast. By using Cryptopia you can quickly trade on alternative cryptocurrencies that have recently come out from an ICO, similar to Kucoin, IDex, it is a great exchange to be a part of to quickly be able to trade on these coins.

Cryptolume has exclusive tools for Cryptopia that allow you to find information about coins being added to the exchange faster, as well as trading tools to allow you to get in the good trades before the market.

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Pundi X Price Increase: How to Profit

It’s no doubt that if you’re in the cryptocurrency trading space that you would’ve noticed Pundi X made some amazing moves in the past week. The ICO was sold at 30m and has now as of writing this post reached 244m in the global market capitalization.

The question many traders are asking now is, how can they find out about such price movements in the future for a given cryptocurrency? The answer really is simple, you need to stay well informed with what’s happening in the cryptocurrency space.

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Bittrex Trading Tool: Cryptocurrency Trading

Some great changes have been happening with Bittrex lately, they have had an amazing UI facelift which has made the website much more responsive, and have put some great focus into the security and the tech. It is starting to get more traction and becoming a more prominent exchange again.

One thing that we’ve worked on here at Cryptolume is a way for you to receive information from Bittrex faster, such as what’s moving in the market and receiving alerts on trading indicators as well as new coin additions to the exchange.

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Binance Trading Tool: Find Moving Crypto Faster

With the growth of the largest english based exchange Binance, there has been more adoption to cryptocurrencies than ever. From the fast, and professional support replies, to the high-tech security that the exchange has to offer it’s no doubt that Binance is one of the biggest and best exchanges available for cryptocurrencies at the moment.

Cryptolume has available, a tool for seasonal traders that can make great use of the Binance exchange as we are connected directly into their API and the information that we’re able to provide has taken trading to a whole new level.

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How to use the Cryptolume Graph App (1.0)

As the current video on “How to use the Graph App” on our YouTube page is quite old we’ve decided to make a new video on it, specific to Cryptolume’s latest update from February (Cryptolume 1.0).

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