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Stop looking for the next opportunity and let our crypto scanner help you find the right trades with quick data timeframes. Don’t get stuck with default exchange 24-hour changes. Find it faster with Cryptolume.

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Crypto Alerts System

Our crypto alerts can notify you when there are movements globally, RSI oversold / overbought, MACD crossovers, Calculated Price/Volume increases, Green Candle scanning and more.

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5,000 + Coins/Pairs

We have the largest database across our competitors and update our crypto scanner frequently. We support all popular exchanges and all crypto pairs on those exchanges.

Cryptolume Features

View our wide range of features that are tailored to make finding information on moving cryptocurrencies faster and easier.

Lightning Fast

We provide timeframes as low as 5-minutes for accurate trading data.

Results Driven

Cryptolume uses its own calculated formulas to provide you with the quick data that our members have come to love. We love working with our users to provide more accurate and useful crypto data.

Arsenal of Tools

We are not only a cryptocurrency alerts tool to assist traders with technical analysis, we also provide fundamental analysis, coin screening, sentiment analysis, and a lot more. Check out our full feature set by clicking the button below.

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Cryptolume was designed to think as a trader plugged into the Matrix. We connect out to all the major exchanges and compute complex algorithms to provide you with easier-to-use market information and alerts than any other cryptocurrency tool that’s available today. Our crypto alerts and robust crypto scanner will show you fast and efficient information about cryptocurrency markets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re a web based SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that provides traders and investors of cryptocurrencies knowledgeable information around technical analysis and fundamentals. We are not a trading or investment platform. We’re a research analytics tool to help you find information on moving markets faster. In traditional stocks, this is known as a market scanner (But for cryptocurrencies!)

A crypto scanner or crypto screener lets you can the entire cryptocurrency market of an exchange to find the best trading opportunities quickly. By sorting through quick timeframes for trading indicators such as RSI, MACD, Price & Volume you can get a real birds-eye view of the market quickly versus spending hours charting.

A good cryptocurrency scanner tool will also provide you with an alerting system that can trigger a notification to your Desktop or Mobile device once a certain indicator has hit your target trade zones. Cryptolume lets you do all of this plus more.

Cryptolume is a premium tool that stores 1,000,000+ rows of data per day with complex data sharding. Exchanges are the same, however they charge you transaction fees. Everyone needs to make money in order to stay operational, we’re no exception.

Currently we support Binance, Binance-US, Coinbase Pro (GDAX), Bitmex, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Huobi, KuCoin and Kraken. We support all pairs on these exchanges. We provide data on futures via Bitmex (Open Interest data) as well as Binance Delivery / Perp data.

We do, for Binance, Binance-US and Coinbase Pro (GDAX). This is a planned feature in the future for our other exchanges. However if you really need it, we’ll get it in for you so just drop us a mail and we’ll look into it.

We don’t offer a full comprehensive trial as this will impact the users that are currently using the platform, however we can offer you a money back guarantee. If you aren’t happy with the product just contact us and we’ll refund you in full.

Yes, however it’s not publicly available just yet. Please contact us if you would like to find out more information.

In total, across all exchanges over 2,000 cryptocurrencies, and all BTC pairs. Popular exchanges have ETH / USDT pairs available as well as any others.

We accept all major credit cards via Stripe as well as cryptocurrency payments which is available at the bottom of the packages on the subscription page.

If you have experience programming in an object-oriented language please contact us. We’re also on the look for people who can write regular blog posts in the crypto space. If you’re interested please get in touch.

Still alive and kicking in 2024 😉

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Subscription Plans

Cryptolume provides two types of plans, one which provides you with access to our web platform and all of it’s features plus support via E-mail. The other plan includes extra Desktop/Mobile alerting and support via Slack & E-mail.

If you aren’t happy, contact us within 48 hours and we’ll offer you a refund via our Money Back Guarantee. There’s no other crypto tools that will do this.

Standard ($19 per month)
  • Cryptolume Platform
  • Crypto Market Scanner
  • Crypto Alerts
  • E-mail Support
  • Current and Future Features
  • 48 Hour Money Back Guarantee
Advanced ($29 per month)
  • Cryptolume Platform
  • Crypto Market Scanner
  • Crypto Alerts
  • E-mail Support
  • Current and Future Features
  • Desktop/Mobile Alerting
  • Support via Slack
  • 48 Hour Money Back Guarantee
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Cryptocurrency Analytics

API's we connect to

Below is a list of all the cryptocurrency exchanges that we currently connect out to. If your exchange isn't in here reach out to us and we'll see what we can do!

What Is A Crypto Scanner?

A crypto scanner is a software or application that allows you to spot activities and track your favorite cryptocurrencies to find movements on trading signals.  This is not only limited to price and volume but also popular trading indicators such as overbuys or oversells (RSI) or moving averages (MACD). 

Most crypto scanners will also have an alerting functionality that will allow you to set which instruments you would like to be alerted on when it hits a certain threshold.

Cryptolume: The Best Low-Timeframe Crypto Scanner

A cryptocurrency market scanner not only allows you to see faster trading opportunities than popular exchanges are able to provide, but it also gives you an opportunity to screen an entire exchange at once.

When you’re using your favorite exchange, or an aggregating website to search for which cryptocurrencies are favorable in terms of growth and price action you can generally only see data that is limited to the changes within 24-hours or 7-days. 

The concern for traders with this method is that the data of a coin that is growing in momentum can be skewed considerably. 

For example, if an instrument is down 24% for that day, but has suddenly gone up 5%, you won’t be able to see that data on a 24-hour change. So how can you get through that problem? The answer is by using a low-timeframe crypto scanner.

Cryptolume, for example, takes the data that exchanges provide via API on price and volume, and chunks this information into smaller timeframes from as low as 5-minutes.

This information is presented in a birdseye view of the market and also provides data on popular trading metrics such as RSI and MACD. There is also order book statistics that shows you the depth of buyers and sellers against each cryptocurrency. 

All exchanges connected to Cryptolume are formatted in the same way.

How do I see faster data with a Crypto Scanner?

By having one screen where you can sort data on multiple timeframes, on multiple indicators you are able to see market trends much faster and more efficiently.

With Cryptolume, you can sort through 5-minute, 15-minute, 30-minute, 4-hour, and 24-hour timeframes all on the same page. 

This is also available for other indicators such as RSI, on the same page. By seeing different values and trends on multiple timeframes, you can gauge more accurately where there is more action in price and volume on the cryptocurrency market.

What are the Pros and Cons of a Crypto Scanner?

Crypto scanners take the guesswork out of trading and minimize emotionally making one.

They are also beginner-friendly as you can take a lot of time out of charting your cryptocurrency instruments. You are also able to find market entry positions a lot sooner if you’re looking for them.

A cryptocurrency scanner however is not going to make trades or “calls” for you. It is an analytical tool used for educational purposes that are open to interpretation. You are still the one that needs to make the trade, therefore it is still subject to your own advice. 

A cryptocurrency scanner, therefore whilst beginner-friendly tends to suit the experienced trader that knows what type of volume, price and trading indicator activity they are looking for.

What makes Cryptolume different from other Crypto Scanners?

If you have looked around enough, you will find that most crypto scanners will start from timeframes as low as 15-minutes. Cryptolume scans for opportunities on timeframes as low as 5-minutes. 

Cryptolume also supports all trading pairs for all of the exchanges connected to us, regardless of the price and volume or the rank of the coin you are trading. We are not biased in what selections are going to be presented. 

This is only possible because of our extensive knowledge in database management which allows us to hold this data efficiently. The accuracy of the data on Cryptolume is also unparallel to competitors as we have come to compare.

Cryptolume also does not shy away from offering refunds to those that aren’t happy and we make this possible through our 48-hour money-back guarantee which you can opt for if it isn’t for you, and we get that. 

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